inner nobility

By Anna Bondareva

Today we live in times of totally expanding trends and directions in fashion. It‘s easy to lose your individuality following flashy publicity ads.
But not every fashion innovation suits everyone just as no perfume suits everyone’s specific character. The most renowned fashion houses change designers regularly in order to stay updated and fresh. As a result, it is difficult to stay faithful to only one brand as you cannot be sure of its next collection. And one should remember another certain danger — the danger of duplication. You might wear a perfect dress from Dior, and that same perfect dress might beautifully frame the body of another actress as she walks up the stairs on the red carpet the same evening as you. (Paparazzi have captured many of these unwanted coincidences which were later printed with rather funny headlines). It’s no secret that most leaders of mass media and show business have their own confidential style advisers. Such advisers will carefully watch for every stream and trend in fashion and will help celebrities and business leaders surprise everyone with their attire at their next important dinner. Those people are private stylists, and most of the time, they stay behind the scenes. Their names are kept secret from other participants in the “glamorous parade.” Sometimes celebrities will describe a new invention in their style as the result of a recent successful shopping trip, when in reality, it was the work of a professional. A private stylist is not a couturier or skilled tailor capable of producing a suit within a few hours during the night. Instead, a private stylist is someone who must consider all the possibilities and information about who is likely going to wear what at the next public event — from Buckingham Palace to Hollywood premieres, not forgetting the Formula 1 of Monte Carlo and the up-coming Grammy Awards ceremony. A stylist must also know what should be worn to a charity reception where many important politicians will be gathered. In other words, a stylist must have access to all these environments and have answers to all these questions.

When you look at their perfectly thought out suit, you immediately feel like sliding into something new. When trying a dress for the first time, a person should attempt to give it a glimpse as if through a man’s eyes and make sure that you will knock out any passing stranger with your new look. Next, it is important that all the expense and effort will be appreciated by your slightly jealous best girlfriend.

The personal stylist should consider all those aspects and criteria when creating a unique formula of absolute elegance for every possible life occasion. With enormous energy and enthusiasm, good stylists search for inspiration everywhere.

A private stylist stays very selective towards his or her clientele. They will attend social events, important gallery openings and film premieres, thematic balls and royal horse races, and more. And sometimes, they will just pop into an antique shop looking for vintage accessories.

Our exterior is like a mirror which reflects our moods. I believe that quality will always win over quantity. An inexpensive item can look extremely good when mixed with luxurious clothes. First of all, freshness and modernity can be found inside of us. Every woman requires attention. A personal approach to her figure and the unveiling of its hidden potential is the key to successfully picking up a new style. A woman can only look good whilst feeling comfortable and confident. There is no point in putting on sexy high heels just because they are the top-tip of a season when you are orthopedically unable to take more than a few steps wearing them.

The whole look of most of the stylish people I’ve met was what one would call a natural chic. The most interesting contracts come to girls after their thirties. Mature women are the top pickups right now — never seen before in the business! Classical looking models of different ages and women of elegant beauty are in big demand. I guess it is a special natural talent of a good seller to make you feel cozy and comfortable. To create the right atmosphere for a client within minutes is not an easy thing to do. I met a Russian stylist Anna Nelson in London when I was searching for one to prepare for my Cannes’s film festival trip. When I came to my appointment with her at her Knightsbridge atelier I felt absolutely at ease within the first few minutes of being there.

And I must mention that there was neither a hint of pretense nor hypocrisy, which typically one encounters in luxury boutiques. My troubles were solved within a few hours, and in my Cannes’ luggage, I had “everything that the pretty girl needs.” There was no time during the film festival to think about what to wear, and attendees must change several times during the day to remain looking at the top of their beauty with an added hint of bohemian spontaneity.

I was able to organize several art and fashion events in the London cultural scene, which did not go unnoticed. At an art gallery in the heart of Mayfair, an exhibition of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures was combined with a fashion show for the spring collection of New Zealand fashion designer Emilia Wickstead, who had just started her career in London. Shortly after this show, Emilia designed pieces for the royal family. The daughter of the ninth Duke of Wellington, Charles Wellesley, wore her dress. Don’t delude yourself; a presentable appearance is the key to the success of any business. “Fashion goes, style remains,” Yves Saint-Laurent once said. It is in the nature of my job to be always surrounded by artistic people with original and sometimes extravagant taste. An absolutely classic style has always been an unbeatable choice.