quo vadis

Quo Vadis

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


It is human nature to quickly forget fleeting experiences, ups and downs, passion and indifference, hatred and pain, and sudden joy. Perception is determined by the state of the soul and the free volume of information at its disposal. For example, pathological sadness in some of its manifestations is viewed by many as a great awakening of the spirit, a thirst for enchanting worlds, an inner search, or a subtle arrangement of the soul. Just as night gives birth to day, day gives hope, and night takes day. All kinds of tricks are used to deny recognizing the usual and most common of human conditions- melancholy. “Happiness is a choice. The choice is the whim cake.” This is what people say, without ever considering where they get their variety of choices. The real choice can only be made within your own dreams and by your own sincere goals and transparent awareness.

You have to first have a dream, a big dream that will someday come true but only if you believe it with all your heart. You can adapt your lifestyle to many schemes with which you can justify your weaknesses and failures. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh,” they say, having too soon lost faith in their own strength, and left justifying the fear of doing what they love in making a cherished dream come true. Just take a closer look at yourself and rid yourself of self-deceptions; be nude in front of you. For at least a few minutes, try to forget the image you have of yourself, sometimes false and imposed. To do so, you must first become the slave of your own heart. When the heart is freed from all the filth caused by doubts, everything becomes easy. Only at the border of the conscious and the unconscious, with the help of Mary Poppins’ magical umbrella, can one manage to rise above the irreversibility of dusty everyday life, and the lights of clarity begin to flash. If only we could still talk or think about true freedom, that is, the freedom of the Spirit!

Quo Vadis is a new piano album, an album of great hope.Sometimes our hope consists of many small fragments and some contradictory feelings, but it is still a hope.

”Quō vādis?”  is a phrase in Latin meaning, “Where are you marching?” Sometimes translated as, “Where are you going?” or, poetically, “Whither goest thou?” Most of times, before reaching the designated reserve peak, one has to go through many trials along the way. Courage on the way is necessary, and then a fair wind will blow! Saint Peter asks Jesus, “Quō vādis?” He replies, “Rōmam eō iterum crucifīgī” (“I am going to Rome to be crucified again”). The Apostle then gains the courage and hope and returns to the city; Peter continues his ministry where he is martyred by being crucified upside-down.  In a sense, to achieve your dream, you need to sacrifice yourself. Yes, it’s not easy, but what are we todo? How to keep on with the living? We need to hope to win, all hours of the day!

 by Anna Bondareva