Zima’ (rus; зима) is a pronunciation of the word ‘winter’ in Russian. Russia is where the winter season is the most remarkable and inevitable. Winter is also the longest season for this territory.  Snow covers pavements and avenues, rooftops and tree branches from mid-November until the end of March. But one must leave the big city in order to capture the real beauty of the winter’s white snowy forests; the true magic awaits you in the woods. Winter provides everyone a chance to dab into the darker side. Lack of sunshine can well stimulate one into submerging into the inner depths of their subconscious.

Music can become something indispensable and uplifting during the long winter evenings. What could be more miraculous and incontestable than real music? It is one of those things that come and go without saying; it is so materialistic, yet absolutely divine!

The quality of perception also differs during the cool festive period. It is then and there where everyone remains wishful of the miracles of Christmas…Zima album will be released in December. It is a certain culmination to the cycle of piano albums devoted to seasons: ‘La Primavera’, ‘Summer’ and ‘L’Automne’, albums released by Anna Bondareva in 2021.