La Croix de Vie

The most fundamental meaning of the Ankh is perhaps the concept of life. It symbolizes the divine and eternal life force, essential to the ancient Egyptians’ understanding of existence. The loop at the top of the Ankh represents a mirror or portal to the afterlife, connecting earthly life to the divine and eternal. That is why The Ankh is often associated with the idea of ​​immortality and the eternal soul. What makes a particular genre of music immortal? The same thing that makes any human creation immortal. To become immortal, a genre of music must fulfill an everlasting need. The only genres of music we know of that come anywhere near that are the spiritual ones.

Classical music is timeless. For years, it has appealed to millions of people throughout history; it’s not going to disappear without a trace. It’s hard to accept that classical music has declined in appeal, especially as the generations progress. One thing is certain and true treasure always prevails in the end.

La Croix de Vie by Anna Bondareva will be released on Wednesday, 21th of February! With this new single, AB Neoclassical Music is opening a new series of music albums dedicated to symbols.