The Curious Soundworld of Anna Bondareva

Anna Bondareva believes music should be intimately connected to all of human experience. Perhaps this explains the breathless sensuality, the roaring passion and mystic spirituality of her piano compositions. All of human life is here: its ecstasy and agony, terror and beauty.

The music of Anna Bondareva inhabits a distinctive, personal soundworld which is not easy to define. It is the music of unusual structure, ecstasy, tumult and passion. For some listeners, and artists too, it is this “over-the-top-ness” that is off-putting; for others, her sense of excess and rapture is compelling.

In her piano music, she reveals herself as a master of the miniature. The music of extremes, it is “hyper everything”, and as such it defies description or categorization. Its language is complex, often atonal and frequently almost impenetrable. It is excessive, overripe, decadent, modern and fresh sounding, sensuous and frenzied.

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