Suite de Printemps

The month of February is always associated with the anticipation of spring…

Spring  is so much more than a transitional time between frigid temperatures and balmy summer days. It’s a season of beautiful blooming flowers and new beginnings, and with the right inspirational music, you can start yours off on the most uplifting and joyful note. Allow yourself to take on the warmer season in stride with our upcoming spring piano release by Anna Bondareva   Suite de Printemps (Intro, Valse Chromatique , La Petite Mazurka & Chaconne) coming out next Friday, on the 16th of February.

The mysterious workings of composer’s mind generate music that possesses and transmits emotional rapture and a consuming, hypnotic energy which does have the power to envelop the listener in a voluptuous world of spellbinding, life-affirming, sensuous sound!