Sacred Heart. Essential Being

Making Sense of Music Beyond Consumption and Contemplation

It is astonishing to consider that hundreds of years ago you would not be listening to music without being in the proximity of someone actually making music. But in our current society, music is also a product of daily consumption. We live today with an almost ubiquitous musical background and we use music as an accompaniment to our daily activities. Like visual art is often used to fill out empty spaces that otherwise might seem annoying or even frightening, music is used to “silence silence”.  Music fills the empty spaces of time where emotional voidness is looming.

To understand how music works in our minds, we need to move beyond this approach. Music is a mental process that allows us to perceive certain sound structures as meaningful. These mental processes probably relate to fundamental aspects of our understanding and recognition of the existence of others. Music reflects the fact that we all inhabit the same world.

The composition Sacred Heart encourages the listener to awaken his essential being and let the harmony of sounds inside himself, as in meditation, a person immerses his consciousness in stillness in order to go beyond his own habits and clichés and get closer to Eternity.

Sacred Heart was first released as part of the album TEN by Anna Bondareva. TEN piano album is now available in all platforms as well as on CD! A new single with Sacred Heart (Strings Version) and its music video will premiere on September 17!