Sonata Libera – AB Neoclassical Music

Sometimes a person gets an inexplicable feeling of freedom, being in an absolutely hopeless situation. Reactance occurs when an individual feels that someone is attempting to limit one’s choice. From this friction and courage comes this strange feeling, similar to euphoria. This phenomenon has long attracted psychologists, mystics, artists and other seekers of truths.  New album “Sonata Libera” by Anna Bondareva released at  AB Neoclassical Music  is exactly about this!

Anna speaks about her work:
“I do choose three pieces classical sonata form as I find it sharp and consistent.
Sonata Libera Allegro is the first and longest piece of the sonata, it does contribute much to my research of a new piano sound based on the improvisation process. Andante & Coda are there to digest the thrill presented in Allegro.”

Sonata Libera (Allegro, Andante & Coda) out now !