Ville d’asphalte by Anna Bondareva

“Ville d’asphalte” album on here you go! You can finally listen EVERYWHERE now !!

These songs were written by Anna Bondareva & recorded in Paris, back in 2004, as part of a film project about alternative rock music almost twenty years ago! Anna has performed her songs in various Parisian venues, such as theatres, Pierre Cardin film festivals, sharing the stage together with the legendary flamenco musicians Gypsy Kings. Anna’s concerts took place at cultural events, musical cafés, cabarets, Conservatoire de Serge Rachmaninoff, concerts were held on river Seine at the Alexandre-III Croisière during annual French summer music fest “Fête de la Musique”, during Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre & Artistes Big Wedding Day, an open air show at the steps of Le château d’eau de Montmartre was covered by the French TV Channel ‘CANAL +’, as well as François Truffaut film festival, just to name the few.

Later, in 2005 some of those original Anna’s songs were published by La Pensée russe, as part of compilation CD album “Meilleur Rock Russe A Paris”.

Album cover artwork is a graphic portrait of Anna Bondareva by Anna’s constant friend and montmartrois neighbor Sergei Chepik. Sergei Chepik (1953 – 2011) was one of the greatest painters to emerge from the former Soviet Union.